Click on a publication to go to the list of current issues available through the library’s subscription with Thomson Gale. Access outside the school building requires a user name and password. Stop by the library if you need this information.

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Learn more about finding news sources using Gale PowerSearch or LexisNexis Scholastic Edition, read Tips for Finding News (PDF). A user name and password are required to access these databases. Stop by the library if you need this information.

NEWS search engines (search thousands of news streams at once)
Altavista News
Ask News
Google News and Google News – Advanced Search
Yahoo! News and Yahoo! News – Advanced Search

Want to find news about emerging research?
Check out Finding News about Research on the library research wiki.

Need to find efficient ways to keep up with emerging news?
Consult the Customizing News Streams tutorial on the library research wiki.

Prefer to focus on a particular region or country?
Search LexisNexis Scholastic’s general news sources limited to publications in one of the following U.S. regions: west, midwest, northeast, or southeast.

Limit your search in Gale PowerSearch or LexisNexis Scholastic to publications from other countries (up to 10 in PowerSearch, up to 5 in LexisNexis).

For world news in English, try World Press or limit your news search by country or state (in the U.S.) using the location field of Google News or Yahoo! News.

Prefer news in another language?
Search LexisNexis Scholastic’s foreign language news sources in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu labeled Source. Limit a search to a group of 1-5 sources by selecting publications from the Source List.

To read about current events from foreign language news sources, you can use specialized Google and Yahoo! News search engines:

Google News – China and Yahoo! News -China
Google News – France and Yahoo! News – France
Google News – Germany and Yahoo! News – Germany
Google News – Greece
Google News – Italy and Yahoo! News – Italy
Google News – Japan and Yahoo! News – Japan
Google News – Russia
Google News – Spain and Yahoo! News – Spain

For world newspapers in a variety of languages, select one listed by Internet Public Library (language of newspaper listed beside title) or World Press.

Is your favorite publication included in Gale PowerSearch?
After you open PowerSearch, do a Publication Search to find out.

News and related bookmarks on delicious
You’ll also want to check out the News bundle in the library’s bookmark account (dragonlibrary) on delicious, as well as the following tags: newspapers, newssearch, and magazines. You’ll find newspapers and magazines in the Find_Source_by_Type bundle near the top of the tag list, and newssearch in Finding_Tools.