Exciting news!  Thanks to funding from Friends of the Library, the MW Library is in the preparation phase of launching a new Kindle e-Book program.  Today the pilot program received approval from the administrative team and helpful feedback from the newly formed Library Committee.

This preparation phase includes building our Kindle e-Book library and YOU are invited to help by recommending books.  You can access the recommendation form on the home page of the MW Library Research Commons or through a direct link to the form.  Recommendations will be accepted from October 18 through October 31, 2010.  Throughout this two-week library building phase, the MW Library will post lists of the fiction and nonfiction titles that have been recommended, ranked by popularity.

For more information about the Kindle program, watch for the addition of a Kindle section (coming soon!) on the Reading Den page of  the MW Library Research Commons, listen for morning announcements, and watch for articles in Smoke and Scales.