In response to student and teacher feedback, I’ve simplified and reorganized the menus on the library’s blog and moved some of the content to the library’s Research and Reading Wiki.

Highlights include…

  • The link to the VCU Libraries page has moved to the top navigation menu.
  • The link to the About page has moved to the left navigation menu.
  • The links to search the MW Library’s online catalog have been renamed Catalog search (off-campus) and Catalog search (on-campus) and are still located on the left menu.
  • Links to the MLWGS official school web site, PenDragon, and Jabberwock, have been consolidated on a MLWGS school links page.
  • The following pages have been moved to the library’s Research and Reading Wiki: parent resources, teacher resources, research tips, and research tools.

If you have trouble finding anything, please stop by the library or email me.