Sign up now to participate in one (or both) of the novel & film discussions about The Secret Life of Bees – during lunch this Friday and next Tuesday from 11:45-12:15.  Peanut butter honey cookies and other treats will be provided (don’t worry, name brand peanut butter in jars is NOT part of the current peanut butter recall), and you’re welcome to bring your lunch too.

Haven’t seen the film yet? There will be a three-part showing in the library during lunch today through Thursday.

Haven’t read the novel? The library has many copies available for check out.

Can’t get enough of bees? There are two more events remaining on The Secret Life of Bees activity calendar:

  • Mon, Feb. 23Amazing Dance and Math of Bees featuring Mr. Phil Tharp (dancing!) and Mr. John Barnes
  • Fri, Feb. 27Bees under the Microscope featuring Mr. Dave Barnes