Public Agenda is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to helping the American people and their leaders to understand public policy issues without interference from media and political spin.  In that spirit, they have developed the Voter’s Survival Kit: The Smart Citizen’s Guide to What the Politicians Won’t Tell You.  Explore issues like the economy, health care, taxes, immigration, health care, and climate change.  Don’t miss the links along the right side of the page to other valuable election resources.  For additional coverage of public policy issues, see their other issue guides.  Here’s a list of the ones currently in use by Mrs. Boswell’s FIRC class.

In collaboration with other leading nonprofit research institutions on both sides of the aisle, Public Agenda has participated in developing another timely resource: a web site called Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances, an online project designed to engage students and faculty in exploring the options for our nation’s future and participating in the change process.  The public engagement phase is tapering off as 2008 comes to a close, but one of the remaining activities beckons the inventive students at MLWGS: a student essay contest with a submission window of Oct. 1 – Dec. 1, 2008.

The Challenge: Be the policymaker, the advisor, or the opinion columnist. What do you think about America’s looming fiscal crisis, and what do you think should be done?