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Alas, you won’t find materials from the MW Library among your search results yet (I’m working on that), but by searching WorldCat, you can search public libraries in the Chesterfield, Henrico, Richmond, and Pamunkey Regional systems, as well as VCU, VUU, U of R, JSRCC, Randolph-Macon and more (phew!) simultaneously.

Enter the title you’re seeking and your zip code and presto! Now all they need to do is integrate it with the GPS in your car or mobile device to help you get there, right?

Does the interface look familiar? You may have used WorldCat before by clicking on Find this book in a library in Google Books or the Library Search in Google Scholar.  If you like WorldCat, you can integrate it with your Firefox browser, Google toolbar, or Facebook account too!

Thanks to Cody for suggesting a post about this topic.