Hello! I’m your library media specialist, Ms. Sellors and I’d like to welcome you to the new web site (technically, a blog) for the library media center at MLWGS. You’ll find many familiar links here, as well as new resources. This main page will feature 1 – 3 new entries per week about books, research tips, or observations. You can find previous posts using the tag cloud, archive, or search tool (at the bottom left of the page).

Along the top menu bar, the Articles page (renamed Databases on Oct. 16, 2007) contains links to all of the resources to which the library has a paid subscription. Save yourself time and $$ by checking these resources for scholarly articles before driving to the VCU library. The Maps page has links to select online map collections (maps are cool!); News provides quick links to current issues of select publications; Tips has helpful research tips about finding, evaluating, and citing sources; and Tools connects you with free, web-based tools for organizing, sharing, and super-powering your research.

In the Links section on the left of the page, you’ll find links for searching the MW library catalog, checking the library’s Google calendar, accessing bookmarks in the library’s del.icio.us account, finding quick answers using online reference sources, searching the VCU library catalog, and seeing a list of select open sources for research.

I am still developing some pages (like Maps), and the site will continue to evolve after the initial version is complete. Please feel free to email me or stop by the library media center to contribute to the development process.

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